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Director of Customer Analytics

Jason’s Deli

    Mario Cavazos

    Director of Test and Research

    Jason’s Deli

      Leslie Willis

      Consumer Insights Strategist

      9NEWS Denver

        Brett Townsend

        Director of Insights


          Lauren Goodman

          Director of Market Research

          CHRISTUS Health

            Christine Cervenka

            Director of Strategic Insights and Research


              Merrill Dubrow

              President & CEO

              M/A/R/C Research

                Leslie Lauhon

                Loyalty Marketing

                Dallas Morning News

                  Kristen McDade

                  Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights & Brand Management

                  TXU Energy

                    Mike Berendes

                    Director, Sales & Marketing

                    Custom Intercept Solutions

                      Mara Riemer


                      Brunswick Insight






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                        Melanie Courtright

                        A majority of CEO’s question the value of marketing and insights—and it’s no wonder. From uninsightful data presentations to marketing that misses the mark, there are ample reasons for CEO’s to question what value we bring to a company. At the end of the day, insights must change behavior. But the problem is we’re dealing with humans who are emotional creatures that don’t want to think too hard. So what mindset do we need to have that leads to behavioral change, which leads to increased sales, which leads to CEO confidence?

                        Brett Townsend currently serves as the PepsiCo Insights lead for the YUM! Foods partnership. In his role, Brett leads all PepsiCo food and beverage insights work in for innovation and consumer/customer activation. Throughout his eight year career with PepsiCo, Brett has demonstrated his passion for insights-driven activation and increased sales through his work on the Walmart and Dollar General teams, shopper/customer insights in the PepsiCo global sectors, and with Frito Lay innovation, where he helped launch Doritos Jacked, Ruffles Deep Ridge, and Cracker Jack’D. He’s also been an active mentor within the insights and marketing community to help cultivate success and advancement of actionable insights understanding.

                        Brett earned his MBA from the University of Texas-Arlington and Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Brigham Young University.

                        BRETT TOWNSEND

                        Overview of the print journalism industry and efforts aimed at retention and loyalty. How The Dallas Morning News is staying relevant through diversification in revenue streams and the use of advanced analytics. Real examples and data-supported success stories that illustrate the success of retention and loyalty campaigns.

                        LESLIE LAUHON

                        Lauren Goodman, Leslie Willis, Brett Townsend, Mara Riemer

                        Ever wonder why products and business continue to fail in our world of big data? Why are the insights from such vast amounts of information so insignificant, or altogether missing? Maybe we’re underestimating the “herd,” and could do well with a little dose of customer centricity…this time for real. Set down your can of beans and gather ‘round. Let’s chat about people as the starting point of data analytics and the insights that can follow. Cowboys and Cowgirls have to know the lay of the land before setting out to change their world, not just go riding off wily-nilly. And it’s the Market Researcher’s job to provide an accurate map…which means “whispering” to the “herd,” not just watching from afar. In this session, an avid “herd whisperer” will guide us through the pitfalls, the opportunities, and some examples of how using a hands-on approach to market research pays out much more than a can of beans. In fact, this approach can change the very culture of your ranch for the better! We will discuss: Why do so many retailers struggle to find insights thru data? Common misperceptions around a “data-driven” approach to insights. The age of wisdom: how to pull everything together. What is the next step in the insights evolution?

                        Mike Berendes

                        Obtaining customer feedback during product development was a challenge prior to the introduction of the Jason’s Deli Nation. Our surveying was manual and required time-intensive work on the part of store managers to collect paper surveys from customers about our various research project. To solve the problem and minimize manager involvement with customer surveys, the Jason’s Deli Marketing IT team leveraged Salesforce’s Community Cloud to build an online community. The online community called Jason’s Deli Nation (www.jasonsdelination.com) is an invitation only membership community based on a culinary adventure travel theme. Members are incentivized to take Adventures based on various research objectives. Some adventures require a visit to their local Jason’s Deli to taste a menu item in test and complete a survey. Others simply ask them to complete a surveys or vote on Ideas posted in the Ideas Forum. Jason’s Deli R&D personnel manage the community day to day, interact with customers and analyze survey data. Customer profiles are enriched with Experian demographic and psychographic data. Key metrics are analyzed monthly: Member Engagement, Social Media Engagement Index, Core Customer Segement Survey

                        LEE GREER & MARIO CAVAZOS

                        Strong client-supplier partnerships aren’t built overnight. They take time, effort and motivation from both sides. With the constant need to do more with less, building effective supplier relationships is a key way to create more efficiency within the research process, and give end users more time to champion the voice of the consumer within their organizations.

                        KRISTEN MCDADE

                        Information is easier to come by than ever before. But the flood of information has not necessarily led to better decisions. Rather, many decision-makers need assistance in evaluating validity, integrating, and applying information to the business situation. This creates challenges for corporate insights professionals, who need to broaden their roles in their organizations, positioning themselves as decision enablers, not only researchers. This is a challenging journey, which is supported by training, coaching, and the great supplier relationships.

                        CHRISTINE CERVENKA

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                        Join us for cocktails, books and great conversation at this speakeasy-style basement hideaway